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Mace attacks are termed "appropriate" by NYPD spokesman.

Another splendid street performance by "New York's Finest":

Mace attacks are termed "appropriate" by NYPD spokesman Browne:


Structures to be built and serviced in
the Arabian/Persian Gulf, for renewable
hydrocarbons instead of fossil ones.
(picture: peter fend installation sharjah biennial, 2007)


Lack of meaningful work caused Arab Spring, the unrest in southern Europe, the misery of a debt-saddled US.

Transborder Immigrant Tool poetry in L.A. - The Anarchy Show

Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0/b.a.n.g.lab read Transborder Immigrant Tool poetry in L.A. (6:25 in) but you should view all it when you can. Enjoy.

Concrete for Bodies

A sprawling exhibition now at Museo Reina Sofia (through October 3, 2011; then traveling), “Magnetized Space” looks at the work of the junior partner of the Brazilian Grupo Frente. Pape was a co-founder of that 1954 initiative with the better known Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark.

Copyright News: Unfair Use of "Road to Nowhere" in Political Campaign Prompts Settlement/Apology to David Byrne/Talking Heads

Richard Prince is not the only downtown New York artist who has been party to a recent copyright/intellectual property litigation. But unlike Prince - who was on the losing end of a decision (currently under appeal) regarding the fair use of photographs appropriated in his "Canal Zone" paintings - Talking Heads frontman David Byrne favorably settled a lawsuit in which he was the aggrieved party for the unlicensed use of the song "Road to Nowhere" in a political campaign.

The last Concert at the Atelier am Flutgraben.

still recovering from those berlin nights...

Beyond Kandinsky online symposium


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