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No Borders Camp

No Borders Camp, November 2007, Calexico/Mexicali

No Border CampNo Border Camp
Welcome to a website for No Borders Camp 2007 - set to take place from November 5-11 on the US/Mexico borderline. THE TIME IS NOW - book a flight, hitch a ride, call your friends. The camp is less than a month away. If you have questions, click on the FAQ. To read an invitation, click here. We hope that this site answers your questions. If not, check our contacts page and e.mail us your question/concern. Along the left side of the page are regularly update links containing news and information. Along the right, you will find a schedule including the growing number of events set to take place the week of the camp. For a glimpse of the borderlands, check out the camp trailer below.

Hosted by bang.lab at CALIT2

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