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Time of the Krampus

December 17, 2009. It might be a sign of the season, but I just heard about the Krampus, a demonic figure engineered to coerce obedience and contrition. Scary stuff, although no worse than some of the art commissars, press agents and museum functionaries I've encountered out there. But please do not fear. They are just dressed up bogeymen. They might shake their chains and make grim noises, but they're only as fierce as you let them be, and they will all eventually pass on.

A NetBehaviourist joins Flickr

The other day I joined Flickr. Here is an URL netbehaviourist to my account, which will fill up as time goes by.

The last few days have been extremely valuable for me. Time has actually slowed down, making life currently a little calmer. Although, I still do have emails to write and send, as well as various works to view and review for Furtherfield, to be ready for Janurary 2007. But, thankfully, Christmas is here. As many of you may be aware of by now. I am not a religious sort, but this is one time of the year when I am more tolerant towards those who celebrate it. Because this time of year offers someone like myself a chance to spend more time viewing different aspects of online culture, in a relaxed manner. Plus, I can still do other things away from the computer, like go to parties and cook some decent quality food.

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