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_Cultural Signifiers.101_

On 1/18/07, Melinda Rackham wrote:
Hi all

hi mel + all.

The basic polemic annoys me.. we cant operate today without speaking the
language of economics. Culture and commerce do go hand in hand. Are we
trying to dive an educative wedge into this ? I don think that's in any way
a reality.

i suspect those m.mersed in the _production_ [as opposed 2 the codification] of culture cogitate less about their place in the [socio]economic stratosphere + more about the manif[r]e[ali]s[a]tation of their ideals+concepts. the notion of unavoidably mired in a "language of economics" seems tied 2 a framework driven by certain processes that seek 2 n.stitutionalise these n.deavours via a formal[recogn]ised/parcelled 'cultural' product/stream [i'm seeking clarification on ur use of the term "we" here?] ....

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