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77 Delancey St. New York, NY

Monday Screenings

We are starting a series of informal video screenings at White Slab Palace on Monday, September 20, with an evening of short French videos:

Curated by imagespassages

- Philippe ASTORG
- Sebastien CAILLAT
- Clorinde DURAND
- Mihai GRECU
- Pascale GUINET
- Veronique HUBERT
- Pascal LIEVRE
- Frederic NAKACHE
- Jean Gabriel PERIOT
- Franck & Olivier TURPIN

Generously supported by Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States.

more at:

Rhys Chatham to perform viral cOcertO as part of a screening of viral symphOny


Rhys Chatham to perform viral cOcertO as part of a screening of viral symphOny September 26th
viral cOcertOviral cOcertO
Joseph Nechvatal
Art rétinal revisité: histoire de l’oeil
Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard
3, impasse Saint-Claude,75003 Paris

TBT vs. Glenn Beck: Poetry Can Destroy the Nation

TBT vs. Glenn Beck: Poetry Can Destroy the Nation

Enjoy the video,

P.S. EDT is very happy to know from so many folks around the nativist U.S. communities that poetry still has the power move and disturb the arcs of the realities. (But we already knew that).

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Email Special

From: heath bunting
Subject: fifty euro promissory notes
Date: 08/22/2010 09:45:28 AM

dear collector/ dealer

i am selling signed/ sealed 50 euro (x 33) euro promissory notes:

backed against the Heath Bunting Collection:

Art Rétinal Revisité: Histoire de l’Oeil - September 4th through September 29th


Retinal Art Revisited: Story of the Eye - September 4th – 29thRetinal Art Revisited: Story of the Eye - September 4th – 29th
A pioneer in the development in digital art, Joseph Nechvatal will present, in a second solo show in the gallery, a series of new paintings, most of which are accompanied by a digital animation.

Nechvatal drawings now on view at the Mississippi Museum of Art

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Knowledge Against PowerKnowledge Against Power

Two of my drawings are on view now at the Mississippi Museum of Art from from April 10 - September 12, 2010

I) Porn God, 1983
11 in. x 13.81 in.
graphite on paper
In the collection of Mississippi Museum of Art

II) Knowledge Against Power, 1983
11 in. x 13.81 in.
graphite and pastel chalk on paper
In the collection of Mississippi Museum of Art

As part of
Herb and Dorothy: A Glimpse into Their Extraordinary Collection

The Vogel Collection has been characterized as unique among collections of contemporary art, both for the character and breadth of the objects and for the individuals who created it. Herbert Vogel spent most of his life working as an employee of the United States Postal Service, and Dorothy Vogel was a reference librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, New York. By setting their collecting priorities above those of personal comfort, the couple used Dorothy's salary to cover the expenses of daily life and devoted Herbert's salary to the acquisition of contemporary art.

Wolf Lieser's book: Digital art: Le monde de l'art numérique

I have just received a copy of this book:
Wolf Lieser, Digital art: Le monde de l'art numérique
Editeur: Könemann, ISBN 978-3-8331-5347-1

I am in it on pp. 66 & 266 with this image:

pile (erogenous) 55 sybariticpile (erogenous) 55 sybaritic

1999 (c) Joseph Nechvatal

17x23 cm

digital print on paper

PAM invited as Affiliate to YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video


PAM is humbled and honored to announce that the Perpetual Art Machine community has been invited by the Guggenheim Museum to be an Affiliate to the upcoming,

YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video

We strongly encourage all artists to participate in this exciting and historic open event.


July 31, 2010

YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video aims to discover and showcase the most exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding realm of online video. Developed by YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in collaboration with HP, YouTube Play hopes to attract innovative, original, and surprising videos from around the world, regardless of genre, technique, background, or budget. This global online initiative is not a search for what’s “now,” but a search for what’s next.

Visit Perpetual Art Machine to learn more.

Hanah Mishin and Lee Wells @ Smile Gallery Brooklyn


We live in this special and strange time, we are fluent with technology and demand efficiency and lightning speed communication, yet we are appreciating more and more the attention to hand-crafted detail and the time of labor intensive work not seen on such a scale for decades.. This can be seen at every turn in this neighborhood from handcrafted jewelry to chocolate bars. Through this resurgence, we are simultaneously breaking out the shackles of corporations and industries keeping us physically and mentally unhealthy. The market collapse has enabled us to see clearly the failing systems and demand change. How can we take our efficiency in the proliferation of information and communication and apply this to the next level of development through societal improvements? Art and Science are on the forefront of the change to our society we so drastically need. Creativity and scientific development are the driving force of many new technologies that will drastically improve our way of life and reduce the burden we impose on the Earth. It is through this crucial marriage of art and science that we can begin to usher in a new way of life.

Image - Lee Wells, Untitled #10, Study for an Epic Battle, 2009

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