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Thanks for your interest in Google Video.


Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn't available in your country.

Punishment Park


... In March 1974, at an American state college, some of the faculty became very angry following a showing of Punishment Park to students. One teacher began calling out: "The film is a distortion... you are adolescent, Mr. Watkins! Where have you been all the time? You feel such anguish. We feel so sorry for you - don't you know that man has always behaved like this, ever since he crawled out of the cave and began using a club?" This teacher, a professor of Romantic Literature, became more and more angry as he shouted: "And what will happen? You and I will be shouting at each other, on our different sides of the room, becoming more and more violent..." Another teacher admitted that a "fantasy" of his was that Richard Nixon might seize arbitrary control of the country with the armed forces, before his senate trial. But, the teacher cried out: "I would never inflict that fantasy on others! I don't think you should deal with the future like this, you shouldn't talk about the future... you shouldn't inflict others with your feelings about the future..." A little later, this teacher left the room.

Airport Insecurity


While the government wants you to believe that increased protection and reduced rights are necessary to protect you from terrorism, the effectiveness of airport security practices is uncertain. You can play this game at 138 featured U.S. airports.

Airport Insecurity allows you to explore these issues in context: the game's rules are based on government reports about airport security practices since 2002. Players are encouraged to play the game while waiting in line at airport security.

Drive Time


What happends if you give americans with to many cars and a daily commute to work a camera? Some start a video blog. DriveTime is that. A weekly talk show, hosting guests, that need a ride. Latest updates about international chains that open a local store.

Dont miss it next friday ...

no more waiting for verizon


what does it take to turn a

  • G3
  • pcmcia-pci adapter
  • wireless pcmcia card
  • ubuntu-breezy live cd-r

into a

  • wireless gateway to the open hotspot
    on the other side of the street

you ask?


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