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Activists launch faux Guggenheim site with press release on Abu Dhabi
Activists launch faux Guggenheim site with press release on Abu Dhabi:

Guggenheim Museum Announces Sustainable Design Competition for Abu Dhabi Branch

"In response to overwhelming international concern about human and labor rights violations in the construction of the new cultural district of Saadiyat Island, the Guggenheim Museum has decided to rethink the design for its new branch in Abu Dhabi. While the original design proposed by Frank Gehry is remarkable in conceptual and technical terms, the Guggenheim has recognized that the Abu Dhabi site affords a unique opportunity to fundamentally re-imagine the future of the twenty-first century global museum. In partnership with with the Tourism and Development Investment Company (TDIC) of the United Arab Emirates, we jointly announce an open public design competition for the Abu Dhabi branch of the Guggenheim informed by the principles of sustainability, equity, and accountability."

"As of today, we invite the international public to participate in the first of two phases. Phase I aims to create an inventory of design concepts and models for this museum. In Phase II we will refine the models into plans for the new Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi. Projects should creatively address the areas where the first design fell short, such as fair labor, ecological sustainability, and broad accessibility across economic classes. Submissions should seek to tackle the inherent linkages between economic, gender, and racial inequality, and spaces should be imagined that promote the availability of relevant artistic practices to the widest range of audiences. As part of our effort to publicize the competition, we are launching the Twitter hashtag #futureguggenheim."