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Editorial Guidlines


Editorial Guidelines –

THE THING has traditionally been a community of artists involved in creative discussions. is a continuation of that tradition.
There are many websites and portals that do an excellent job of discussing and presenting new media projects and tools. We have no desire to duplicate their efforts. Rather we like to emphasize art, art history and current ideas in art.

There are sections on These function somewhat like sections in a newspaper. They are; reviews, projects, audio, video, announcements and forums.

Reviews - if you see an exhibition and would like to write about it
Projects - if you are engaged in an ongoing project or have a residency or collaboration with the thing
Audio – If you want to upload an mp3 (8 meg)
Video – if you want to upload a video ( 8 megs)
Announcements - use this for upcoming exhibitions, calls for work, etc..
Forums - These are discussions, you may post in them if you are a registered user. If you want to host a forum or have a suggestion for a forum topic contact the editor.

Content Guidelines –

Self-promotion - Since we are all artists, we are all passionate about our work. We suggest that you present you work by revealing the conceptual basis of it. Inviting discussion and criticism is always welcome. A simple way to present yourself is to add an html signature or url to any comment you may post.

Politics and activism - We are quite passionate about politics and activism, but we must state again that is interested in art discourse. If the politics and activism are part of an art project or effect the art discourse they are welcome.

Folksonomy - when you post take the time to add tags to your post. The content is organized in very interesting ways.