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Jeep JeepJeep JeepAt first embarrassed about receiving a hand-me-down 4wd Jeep Cherokee from his family (a totally unnecessary vehicle for urban Chicago) LeRoy Stevens eventually came to the only logical conclusion: Free Jeep Tours.

Through posters and ads in local newspapers LeRoy offers tours to anyone who wants one, apparently devoid of a real purpose other than to show off the prowess of his badass machine; LeRoy takes whoever calls on an urban off-roading experience down bumpy alleys, dis-repaired parking lots, gravel strewn construction sites and mud packed vacant lots. He offers no attempt at insight or history (the things one would expect from a traditional tour),is open to spontaneity (inviting the people on the tour to take photos with his camera, or to point out places they would like to stop and look around) and even the possibility of stopping for donuts in route.

A few weeks ago some friends and I took one of the Free Jeep Tours and it was just great. I can’t recommend it enough especially now that there is snow on the ground.

For a tour contact LeRoy:
Jeepadventuretours at

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