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The Oxford Flood of 2007, Three Sides to Every Story

Considering media, public and private space is pretty dull until it happens to you and the flooding in Oxford presented an opportunity to swim in the medieval intricacies of the usually mundane dialogue between being and nothingness. Hmm.

Everyone deals with a crisis in their own way but in a flood details tend to get watered down and eventually the composite reverses and breaks again into streams of contingent, relational vocabularies competing for historical ascendancy. Uhm...

It's been raining a lot over here in England and damn if the river didn't rise and flood the place. My allotment is flooded and I've been salvaging what I can. Nobody seems to know what will survive so I'll have to wait and see. At least I was able to save a few potatoes.

Reality, so they say, can be a complicated thing so I've reigned it in and broken it down into three simple categories:

1. Mediated
2. Send Your Pics
3. By The Thames I Get To Phoenix

And this tells the rest of the story: