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Daily Source Code for May 13th 2005


Daily Source Code for May 13th 2005
• From The 'Downs' in back of Curry Cottage in Guildford UK
• Direct link to the show
• 411 Podcast interview with John Edwards
• Inside the bomb shelter in our back yard
• Podcast Specification Working Group [Site]
• The iPodder Developers mailing list
• iTunes 4.8 update breaks iPodder Lemon, download a fixed version here
• Yahoo Music Engine [Site]
◦ PodcastPlus plugin [Site]
• Microsoft offers help on CastBlaster
• Rocket15 live from the infield at the Kentucky Derby [Site]
• The Podshow on Sirius Kicks off today at 6pm est!
• Submit yer stuff:
◦ submit[at]
◦ podsafe[at]
◦ mashup[at]