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Say Goodbye to Biotech Party!

Title:Say Goodbye to Biotech Party!
START DATE: Thursday June 19
TIME: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location Details:
Children's Park Downtown San Diego, Across from the Convention Center

The Biotechnology Industry already has a huge presence in San Diego, but come June 17-20 they plan on taking over. Their international annual convention is being held at the downtown Convention Center on Harbor Dr. They will be discussing the usual BIO subjects: how to commodify the world's food production, genetically modify crops to disrupt sustainability, profit from human and non-human animal illnesses and torture, create weapons and the wars to sell their products, spin their unethical choices and buy public officials to fulfill their agenda. Sound like a good time? Well if you have $2300 I encourage you to attend and learn just how they plan to shape our world! But......

If you don't have that twenty-three hundred laying around to waste on watching scientists and capitalists patting themselves on the back speaking of ways to profit from the destruction of nature visit the free autonomous counter convention in the downtown Children's Park, across the street from the Convention Center, on Thursday, June 19th. Make your way to the trolley orange line and get off at the Convention Center stop (we don't need those pollutin' cars, besides theres no free parking downtown Thursdays anyhow!) From one p.m. to seven p.m. you can enjoy the SD weather outside with the community while enjoying free hot meals provided by Food Not Bombs, share free goods or skills during the Really (really!) Free Market, learn about and embrace a sustainable future at one of the multiple workshops taking place throughout the day and network with the groups in San Diego that are working to make that future possible.

1PM Free Lunch and Share at the Free Market

2-4PM Workshops!
Urban and Guerilla Gardening, Biological Weapons, Alternative Energy, Animal Testing, Collective Practice and Womyn's Health

4PM Microbiologist Mike Copass speaks about the risks of genetic manipulation and the corporate industry that profits from it.

5-7PM Entertainment and Games!
Make some noise and let the Biotechies hear ya.

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