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Harley Spiller


YOUR NAME: Harley Spiller
YOUR COUNTRY: I love the peoples of Japan, Denmark, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela and reside in the United States of America.

a. What was your first experience with digital art/new media? I made a drawing on my friend’s computer around 1990. How did that experience shape your view of the world? It was a bit of a hassle for the result – the same seems to hold true for many digital things today – amazing results can be achieved but at what cost? Did it inspire you to change you art/practice? Nope.

b. What books are you reading now? I’m reading a lot of posted notes I collected from the streets of NYC over the past three decades. Are they related to digital art and new media? Sometimes. Are any of those critical books written about new media, digital art, art theory? Yes. If so tell us what you like about these books and what you have gained from reading them. I’m not quite sure – come to the exhibition and accompanying panel discussions about these “books” at apexart, opening Sept. 4th and continuing thru October 11th

c. Describe your personal practice. I collect everyday items others might not ordinarily consider. How does you art/practice relate to other works/ other people working in your field? I guess you might say I’m a bit of an outsider’s outsider.

d. What do you believe are the most interesting ideas being investigated in your field. Why is a collection more than the sum of its parts? What does a collection tell us about the collector? Tell us how your personal practice integrates, relates or extends those ideas. I present my collections in museums, galleries, schools, wherever – and hopefully this helps build a lifelong love of learning.

e. What are the most negative aspects of new media? Slugging thru low-function hi-tech. If you could create great change in the field what would you do? Make things work mellifluously. How would you like to see new media develop in the near future.? With the end-user’s peace of mind at heart – in other words, make things work mellifluously.

f. In the general discourse of contemporary art as it exists today, what interests you the most? The rough-cut edges and unpolished work. What interests you the least? MoMA and its culture of genius.

g. If you could alter the course of ideas and practices in contemporary art what would you do. Create more opportunities for individual; artists. For example would you create virtual archives? Sure. Would you set up a lottery system to fund artists? No, a lotto seems disrespectful of their skills. Would you start working with sociologists to expand your practice etc...yes.

h. Do you have a question you'd like to ask yourself? When can I afford a juicy laptop? Do you have a question you'd like to ask other people for a future e-terview? Things like photoshop are amazing and work really well – can they be dumbed down so average users like myself can make them “fly” yet not lose valuable tools (like the way AOL makes things seem easier but actually hamstrings unwitting users)

Harley Spiller
Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.
80 Arts - The James E. Davis Arts Building
80 Hanson Place, #301
Brooklyn, NY 11217-1506
T 718 398 7255
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