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Artists Meeting & Psycho-Geography

Artists Meeting is pleased to announce its’ participation in the upcoming Conflux ’08 festival Sept.11th to 14th in Lower Manhattan. The title of our project is Public Exhibition Space. We have been working hard all Summer and are really very excited about all the interventions we have planned. We are concentrating on the Financial District and plan to do a series of events/ interventions at a number of privately owned public spaces (POPS). The POPS spaces have recently come under criticism in the NYTimes article, East Side: A New Study Faults Plazas as Public in Name, Private in Look. In the spirit of Conflux we are creating Psycho-Geographical maps and have done a number of walkarounds.

There's a lot of research and background on how we are developing this project. We are proceeding with a Hi-Tech / Hi-Touch practice. Part of the touch are our group meetings. The hi-tech part is our web-site that is a fairly transparent document.

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