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Video of ZKM lecture on "Immersion Into Noise"


ZKM lecture on "Immersion Into Noise"ZKM lecture on "Immersion Into Noise"

Video of ZKM lecture on "Immersion Into Noise" from 27.10.2012
Recorded at ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe) on 27.10.2012. Through the further development of the definition of noise as something that is directed at us beyond our preferred comfort zone, Joseph Nechvatal, based on his book "Immersion into Noise", investigates various aspects of cultural noise by transferring the audio understanding of noise to visual, architectural, and cognitive areas. Nechvatal explains how ideas of disturbance, interference and patterns connect Noise Music (including sound excerpts from Luigi Russolo, Pierre Schaeffer, Boyd Rice’s Pagan Music, The Beatles’ Revolution 9, Merzbow) to visual arts (from prehistoric cave painting to process art to TV static to Joseph’s own viral work), reappraising the potentiality of noise along the way.
Immersion into Noise