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Friction Research - Investigating ruptures in the art-political grid

Friction Research - Investigating ruptures in the art-political grid

europe: americas: china: uk & israel & turkey

Published 02-28-2009
Below our call as sent on October 20th 2008:

"[C]urrently we ask for submissions for our Friction Research Series, to be published in our Winter 2009 issue, related to but not exclusively confined to:

::: Investigating ruptures in the art political grid" :::

The following individuals and collectives have contributed to our call for submissions. Use the menu above to choose between the entries.


roch forowicz - poland
salvatore iaconesi - italy
david ben forado - greece
poderiu - portugal
marc antoine leval - france


alan schechner - uk/israel
michael takeo - uk
lanfranco aceti - turkey/uk


robert laboissiere - canada
henri gwiazda
margaretha anne haughwout
allison healy
katie bush
peter ciccariello


lily & honglei

Please take note of the fact that we review submissions 4 times a year,
from October to December for the Winter issue from January to March for the Spring issue, from April to June for the Summer issue, and from July to September for the Fall issue .

In case your submission will be published, you will be notified before the corresponding deadlines.

Initated & Curated by Andreas Maria Jacobs for Nictoglobe Online Magazine 2009

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