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Sound + Science Symposium + nanos+ theory + Border Crossing

Hola all,

I will drifting about - perhaps I will catch sight of you at one of these gatherings.

I will be presenting "Sounding out the Matter Market" from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, March 5 in the California NanoSystems Institute Auditorium at UC Los Angeles:
Sound + Science Symposium
March 5 + 6, 2009 10am-7pm

The UCLA Art | Sci Center + Lab and the University of California Digital Arts Research Network (UCDARnet) proudly announces the Sound + Science Symposium - a trans-disciplinary exploration of scientific research and technological breakthroughs concerned with sound, hearing, and aurality. This two-day event will bring together leading figures to discuss the applications and implications of such research in relation to questions of culture, politics, history, environment, art, and music.

The symposium is free and open to the public - parking at UCLA is $9 per day.

Cultural, Social, and Political Thought. Keynote,. March 7 at the University of Victoria. The gathering continues through March 8 and features panel discussions on this year's theme, "(inter)disciplinarities: theory & crisis."

And while we've got your attention, check out Dominguez's "nanoGarage" video, now available online. (Length: 16:22)

March 9th: Border Crossings: Mobility, Immobility, and Trans-media Storytelling. UCLA