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ANNOUNCEMENTS: May 28 & 29, 2005


Alan Sonfist "Time Landscape (1965-1978-Present)"
Discussion, book signing and reception
The Human/Nature series is pleased to announce the second event in its landmark series in honor of the 40th anniversary of Alan Sonfist's Time Landscape

Wednesday, June 1, 7:00-8:30 pm
The Gabarron Foundation -- Carriage House Center for the Arts
149 East 38th Street (btw Lex and 3rd Aves), New York City

The event is free and open to the public, reservations required.
Please contact or 212.381.2195

More information about Alan Sonfist's work and current exhibition at 9W Gallery:

*_Bernhard Gal - Upcoming _**_Events_***

*Hinaus:: In den, Wald., New York City ***
*Sound installation
May 28, June 04+11, 6-12 pm; Diapason Gallery, New **York City.
/Sound installation based on texts by Swiss artist Adolf Woelfli.
Diapason Gallery for Sound and Intermedia, NYC.

/*Summer Tour 2005, USA / Canada*
*Concert Tour with Howard Stelzer*
Following Gal's West Coast Tour '04, this year's tour will lead to the North-East of North America. Touring together with Intransitive mastermind Howard Stelzer, Gal will present live performances based on the cd-releases 'relisten' and 'Hinaus:: In den, Wald.

*5/31 - New York, NY - **Radio Home Listening*
radio performance by Stelzer & Sawako and Gal
Hosted by Ben Owen.
6/1 - New York, NY - Tonic, 8pm.*
with Aki Onda & Sawako.

Bernhard Gál (a.k.a. gal)

More information:

Adopt an Artist

In the frame of the international art manifestation Steal my Idea (July 1-3, 20005) De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam, offers 16 artists up for adoption. The motivation for this remarkable move are the continued cut backs of funding that have been imposed upon
the cultural sector in The Netherlands

De Balie has decided to take the initiative to bring artist and the business community together. Let us, for a change, not stand in opposition. Commerce is not afraid of culture, and with this project culture no longer rejects commerce. Where the government stops taking its responsibilities, the business community takes over. An economic investment in arts is an investment in social change, thus both parties achieve their aims. Change is good: To stand still means to fall back, both for society as well as the economy.

The portfolio of artists ranges across a variety of forms, from media to image, to text. However, they are all ambitious and innovative, qualities that should appeal to the business community. The artists selected for Steal my Idea distinguish themselves by taking just that slightly different point of view. As a result they will come to be known as innovators and trend-setters. It is these ideas of the artists that can be stolen, not just to copy them, but to inspire. This is how Steal my Idea wants to shift the boundaries and become a source of inspiration.

Companies can select from 3 adoption packages: SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM, for a local, regional and international visibility of their names. Furthermore, this gift is tax-deductible in many countries including The Netherlands, which might give a further hint to an overly ‘economic’ government.

To register for adoption please refer here:

An overview of artists up for adoption may be found at:

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