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a collaborative work of GH Hovagimyan & Renaud Courvoisier

DS-sound bit-uses recent internet search engines that employ sound to return an on-the-fly assembled sound montage created from a visitors search words. Two different bots are activiated; 1. a text-to-speech bot that matches news media headlines with the visitors input search criteria and then reads the headlines and, 2. an audio search engine that uses the visitors input to assemble sound clips from internet news and music files.

DS-SOUND-BIT is a project made of two different objects :
RadioBuzz and HeadlineBuzz

Both of these objects mirror mass media noise, with radio and sound broadcast and with newspapers headlines, through the global sphere of internet. These are oriented objects, a sort of Media Reality snapshot pointing out the importance of the English language on the web, and the influence of U.S. and European mass media in the world.

RadioBuzz focuses on audio media to find sounds from words the visitor inputs, returning a cloud of sounds, mixed all together. A noisy crystallization of visitor's words offered by radio media.

HeadlineBuzz is similar, except the focus is on press media. A speech bot reads the headlines returned by a search engine. This second object is like a talking heads' brouhaha, you hear a lot of noise, and sometimes you can catch words and phrases, which penetrates your thought as advertising does every day in the clamor of a cityscape.