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Summer Wrap-Up 09

“Summer’s almost gone,” and after the “lazy, hazy crazy days,” anxiety in the art world is rising. The shake-out that began last fall is still with us. But in neighborhoods in Brooklyn, they haven’t received the memo about the sky falling. The Gowanus and Sunset Park have recently seen an influx of galleries and artists studios, many of who are displaced Williamsburgers. Under Minerva is a new space that hopefully will continue the legacy started by such venues as Pierogi 2000 in the early 90s. Stay tuned.

James Kalm is out and about on the last weekend of the Summer 09, to peek at some shows in Brooklyn. Under Minerva, a new gallery and event space associated with Brooklyn Art Project, is located in the up and coming Sunset Park neighborhood. “Is this Recyclable?” delves into the realm that exists somewhere between the abject and utilitarian. Includes views of work by: Angela Basile, Jasmine Begeske, Mark Cannariato, Jesse Holt, Ryan McIntosh, Raquel Muslin, and others. Meanwhile, Williamsburg stalwart Pierogi exhibits impressive examples from stable artists with “Cream, no sugar”. As one of the main proponents of “Meta-Drawing” Pierogi presents works on paper that impress with their size and complexity by Dawn Clements, Adam Dant, James Esber, Tony Fitzpatrick, John J. O’Conner, with paintings by Jim Torok, Yoon Lee et. al.