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Bruce Talks Back: Professional problems. Amateur solutions.

first day of class at BHQFU

In response to Alan W. Moore's critique of their show at Susan Inglett Gallery and my response to said critique, the Bruce High Quality Foundation sent the following note:

Hey Steve,

Thanks for sending this, and thank Alan too for his criticisms. They are well warranted if one is expecting the exhibition to provide a clear argument for what the school is, why it is, or how it got there. For better or worse, we decided against doing that. The school decided to let the school be the school and let the exhibition take a more tongue in cheek, poetic approach to self-representation.

Whatever one feels about that decision, the university itself is a different animal, one that thrives on the kind of conversation you and Alan seem invested in participating in. We will be having our final BYOU meeting of the semester this coming Tuesday and we'd be happy to see you both there. We start at 7 and stop when it's over.


They followed it up with an more formal invitation to the last BYOU (Bring Your Own University?) meeting of the first semester, which I share with you, together with their long standing motto:

Professional problems. Amateur solutions.

This coming Tuesday December 15 at 7pm, we'll have our final BYOU meeting of the semester.

What a short strange trip it's been. When the idea to finally start the university came together this summer, none of us could have anticipated what a profound experience it would be. Your energy and enthusiasm and critical investment is a source of inspiration, not only to us, but to the world.

Really. Weird, huh?

And as we frequently like to say, "this is only the beginning..."

Articles both here in New York and all over Europe have been popping up about BHQFU. It's being talked about in BFA and MFA programs across the country, among critics and curators, and most importantly, among artists who recognize the need to find a form of educational experience that isn't confined to the oppressive structure of big business higher education.

As you all know, BHQFU is just a small thing really. It's a bit of space with a take-it-as-it-comes structure, that allows interested people to experiment with pedagogy in the hopes that some good ideas and some informative experiences will come of it. What we've really learned so far, and most rewardingly, is that it really isn't that hard to pull off. With little overhead, you all have successfully maintained seven classes serving almost seventy students. There have been multiple well-attended public events. You've made television commercials, reading lists, an online library, class projects and performances, field trips, and some incredible conversation.

But there is a great deal more we can do. The second semester will see more classes, more students, and a major outreach initiative: NASA. Additionally, the physical library is going to happen, we'll be adding infrastructure upstairs, and more opportunities to use outside spaces for class projects.

A lot of new things are on deck for the second semester, so everyone should try to make it Tuesday to give input. Bring drinks and snacks and new faces.


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