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[PAM] Open Call for Video Art - Scope Basel

Scope Foundation and Perpetual Art Machine presents the [PAM] 4th Annual Last Minute Open Call for New Video Art

A Light at the End of the Tunnel
curated by Lee Wells

video must be delivered to the below address by this date

"The Avant Garde Doesn't Give Up" - Asger Jorn
'Increase your necessity so that you may increase your perception.' --13th century
Persian Sufi mystic Rumi, quoted by Bill Viola

The concept of life, death and rebirth has followed humanity through the ages as the self and the collective whole passes through time, creating a relative chain of events that could be called the history of universal human experience. Its through all of these varying histories, and a perpetual creative avant garde that continue to seek a move
vivid understanding of the interconnectedness of life. Our great quest to solve the questions of our age could be exemplified by one of humankinds greatest achievements at CERN Labs, Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, the worlds largest machine. As the scientists at CERN continue to probe the most fundamental questions of life and the origins of the
universe, we seek artists that are asking similar big questions in their creative practice and use their creativity to reveal the world in new and unexpected ways.

Why are we here? What does it all mean? When will we know? How is it all relative to art in the 21st century?

Awareness and Multidimensionality
Religion and spirituality
Life and Death
Love and Beauty
Extra-terrestrial life and aliens
Dark matter and black holes
Quantum physics and time travel
The internet and technology
War and peace and oh so much more !!!

Additional information and research video links can be found at our Facebook event announcement here:

Selected works will be presented as a part of the Scope Cinema and Video program at Scope Basel 2010, June 15-19 in addition to being featured on

Future New York City screening location to be announced. (Fall 2010)
Supported by Stratus Realty Group

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