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Nicolas SchöfferNicolas Schöffer

This audio art is sourced from the DVD of an exhibition of Nicolas Schöffer at Espace Gantner, France, 2004, titled “Précurseur de l’art cybernétique”, as well as various internet videos. The Lumino and Microtemps, 1968 and 1961 respectively, were not intended as sound sculptures, yet the noises they produce are definitely part of their appeal, not unlike Jean Tinguely’s own machines. Prisme, 1965, was an installation using mirrors, lighting effects and sound to virtually expand the structure’s actual size. It was re-build in 1975 in the Paris’ Sorbonne university with incidental music by Pierre Barbaud. The last track is from a British Pathé newsreel documenting Schöffer’s 1960 Institute of Contemporary Arts exhibition. It focuses on one of Schöffer’s most famous sculpture, CYSP 1 (for CYbernetics SPationdynamic). The electronic music used in the film is not credited.

Get it here:

01 Lumino #1, 1968 (4:03)
02 Lumino #2, 1968 (1:28)
03 Microtemps #1, 1961 (3:23)
04 Microtemps #2, 1961 (3:23)
05 Prisme, 1965 (2:16)
06 Pierre Barbaud – Prisme Sorbonne, 1975 (1:25)
07 CYSP 1 – British film feature, 1960 (2:29)

Total time 18:00

This is very interesting to download and listen to. For more on Nicolas Schöffer you can read my review of the Nicolas Schöffer show at Espace EDF Electra (Paris) that I wrote for Thing.Net @

Nicolas Schöfferöffer