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Mystery Tour: Saturday, September 11, 2 - 4:30 pm, Tompkins Square Gallery of the New York Public Library

“MYSTERY TOUR” Group Exhibition Explores the Worlds of 11 New York Artists
Tompkins Square Library Gallery
September 11-September 29, 2010
Opening reception Saturday, September 11th, 2-4:30 p.m.

...“Mystery Tour,” a group exhibition that explores the worlds of 11 New York artists, will be on view at the Tompkins Square Library Gallery, 331 East 10th Street, from September 11 through September 29.

The exhibition, curated by Linda DiGusta will open at noon, with a reception from 2-4:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 11th.

Featuring artists are:
Kristin Anderson & Danny Licul
Aida Ben
Ryan Bradley
Robert G. Edelman
Adam Miller
Catalin Moldoveanu
Rosalie Stone Morris
Alexandra Pacula
Fedele Spadafora
Mark Wiener

Merriam Webster defines “mystery” as a “profound, inexplicable or secretive quality or character.” The visual art that engages us most deeply is work that entices us into its world without explaining it’s content, leaving the viewer searching , enjoying, longing, and looking again and again. Mystery is also defined as “the secret or specialized practices or ritual peculiar to an occupation or a body of people,” from the surface of the objects they create to the depths of their substances and concepts. From the surface of the objects they create to the depths of their substance and concept, the emerging and established artists of a variety of disciplines in “Mystery Tour” all play upon their chosen media with the skill, originality and grace to captivate and surprise us.The gallery is open to the public by appointment - contact - and at various dates and times being scheduled throughout the month - for the latest visit

The exhibition, organized by Fedele Spadafora, is hosted by the New York Public Library as the September installation of a program that offers the exhibition space to a different New York City artist each month. As a shared community space, the gallery will also be open during the public events offered there by the Library, for information visit or call (212) 228-4747.

More information including artists’ websites with images is available at , or contact Linda DiGusta - for press images and inquiries.