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Perpetual Art Machine at Mediations Biennial Berlin

Eraced Walls - Mediations Biennial Berlin

"Transient Limits and Shifting Boundaries"

Mediations Biennial, as part of Erased Walls, at ConcentArt EV Berlin
2 Channel Installation Curated by Raphaele Shirley and Lee Wells

PAM Artists include:
Heini Aho
, Katja Aglert
, Anonymous, Jason Archer
, George Barber
, Josephin Boettger
, Tomislav Brajnovic, Michal Brzezinski
, Rodney Dickson, Stephanie Dodes, 
Tony Hultqvist & Max Valentin, Manik, Bruno Muzzolini, 
Iris Piers
, Iva Rad
, Maria João Salema, 

Evelin Stermitz
, Tim White‐Sobieski
, and Sebastian Ziegler.

The impact of the former division of Central and Eastern Europe on the balance
of societies, in this video program, is reconsidered as a metaphor for
dichotomies, separations and alienations which can be found in palpable and
impalpable forms in our lives throughout the globe.

Opening: Thursday, 7 October 2010 from 19.00
Exhibition lasts from 7 till 30 October 2010
Opening times: Wed – Fri 14.00 – 19.00, Sat 12.00 – 16.00

As our human society grows
in complexity, histories and relationships are buried under the myriad of
information and one can loose track of divisions which exist within the everyday. The Artist's role in the midst of this is to reveal, through associations of image and concepts, unidentified or forgotten truths or contradictions. The group of artists chosen for this program each touch through their work on questions of boundaries whether they be within the realm of identity, physical endurance, aesthetics, social interaction, political positioning or geographical predetermination. Through delicate or bold strokes they re-represent chasms within our state of being, seeking to reveal or mend the differences which echo or stem from the divisions found within Europe in the last century, and within human relations as a whole.

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