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Mikael Vojinovic BLOWN UP by Arfus Greenwood


I ran into Mikael Vojinovic the other night at a Black Book party.

Mix has emerged in the last year as one of fashion photography's new criminals (he cocks the camera like a gun), with covers and editorial spreads in the likes of LOFT, A4, Animal Magazine, Oyster and many others. He is considered the Adderall of the New York fashion scene--a kind of a prepubescent mixture of Keith Richards and Charles Bukowski. Travelling between New York, Miami, Montreal and Paris, he has developed a fanatic following among the urban style avant-garde--these being primarily hot young models, who seem to enjoy his thick French-Yugoslavian hand slapping their tight asses.

Mix cops an attitude around big talkers, but as quickly, he will pull you out of that crowd to tell you about something better. This being one of those occasions, while in a cab from here to the next thing I got in a couple of quick questions.

AG - Outside of your industry, we all imagine that being a fashion photographer is something like David Hemmings in Antonioni’s Blow Up. What’s up with that?

MV - In that way, absolutely. It is a jouissance to take a fresh girl, simple, without make-up and artifice, and then to rebuild her--hair, make-up, dress her the way you like to see a woman--and then to tell her what you want of her. You build her and use her. It is even more exciting when you have your team around her, ganging up on this central figure on the floor. It is almost an abuse.

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AG - There’s a kind of ‘high’ that you get doing a shoot. What are some of the things that get you off?

MV - It’s like this, when I arrive I charge my gun, right? And I shoot all day long. The hottest shoots are the longest ones. The longer the arousal last the better. I love to shoot.

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AG - So who’s the most fuckable model you have worked with?

MV - A shoot can be exhausting like a hard ride on a motorcycle. By the end, the girls are all heated up--that’s the way I like them.

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AG - In the more innovative magazines the line between fashion and pornography seems almost nonexistent.

MV - That’s Hollywood, that’s the music industry, that’s mass media from start to finish--more and more unreal, more and more sexual.

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AG- What are a few of the best new magazines?

MV - Magazines come and go, but what’s good? Take a look at Exit, Search & Destroy, Spoon and Animal.

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AG - Where are we going, anyway?

MV - What do you think? Back to work.

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