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GUMO, This is OZ, curated by Marianne Nems at Dorian Grey Gallery, NYC




“This is OZ, Nothing Makes Sense”

@ The Dorian Grey Gallery
437 East 9th Street (between 1st Ave and Ave A)

The story began with "Oz, le visage du mal" ("Oz, the face of Evil", read below) as an introduction to the chaos that surrounds us and which we are forced to witness. I saw in the face figure a good mode to present my work a method to communicate and put a cross the gaze, multiple expressions of a smile and pain that we carry. The face is the most expressive tool. “The Face of Evil” characterizes this environmental gangrene in which we live today and which it seems impossible to escape.

EAST VILLAGE, NY- Artist, writer, born in 1980 in France, near Paris. Studied and graduated in 2003 obtaining a “Diplome Superieur” at ESAA (Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques) Duperré, Paris, France. He worked briefly in the Fashion design industry then shifted with devotion towards the fine arts. Gumo’s work is motley Gumo and finds no constraint. Gumo speaks as freely as possible with what our environment offers, media and entertainment. Graffiti in the street, at a canvas, in a cellar, a collage or a text down on paper, his work has no real strings attached but seems more driven by the fused energy that surround us, a mixture of anger, passion, trash, naive, sometimes borrowing a rare physical and moral violence, rarely quiet as a reflection of what we see around us, this world and life we’ve chosen.

Curated by Marianne Nems

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