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lOng rear view


lOng rear view
by Joseph Nechvatal

all paintings (2010-11) by Joseph Nechvatal

Stephane Sikora : C++ programming



final movement from: "viral symphOny", a collaborative electronic noise music symphony created by the digital artist Joseph Nechvatal. It was created between the years 2006 and 2008 using custom artificial life C++ software based on the viral phenomenon model

Joseph Nechvatal : original mix concept
Stephane Sikora : C++ programming
Matthew Underwood : nano, micro, meso and macro structures
Andrew Deutsch meso and macro structures
Kevin Harkins: orchestration for String Section (Violins, Cello and Bass), Dijeridoo, E-pad (sort of harmonium-ish) Air Pizz (hammered calliope, sometimes including the hammered operator), Grand Piano, Orchestral Percussion Section, English Horn, Bassoon, Harp and Horn Section (French Horns, Trumpets, Trombone)

Performance history

The complete viral symphOny was performed at Diapason at 882 Third Avenue, Brooklyn New York on Friday February 13, 2009
viral symphOny is downloadable for free at
The first three movements of the viral symphOny net broadcast by WebSYNradio four times a day from September 30 to October 7th, 2010
Web published in 2010 its entirety as part of the W2F Festival
The complete viral symphOny was performed as the soundtrack to a digital art projection by Joseph Nechvatal (in collaboration with Stephane Sikora) on September 26th, 2010 at Galerie Richard in Paris