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ec-satyricOn 2000


"ec-satyricOn 2000" is an art exibition by Joseph Nechvatal that was held at Universal Concepts Gallery in New York City (507 West 24th Street) from October 26th to December 2nd in 2002.

The "ec-satyricOn 2000" exhibition put forth a mingling of the virtual, the aesthetic, and the sexual based on certain passages from Gaius Petronius Arbiter's (~27-66 AD) book "Satyricon". The exhibition consisted of six large computer-robotic assisted paintings which created a sweeping, immersive environment. Also, a specially rubber-bound example of "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even" was on display. As well as a suite of unique digital prints from the "cOde x" series.

Nechvatal's stated intentions were to pictorially integrate the occurrence of the loss of subjectivity as experienced in sexual transport and sexual fantasies with the philosophical loss of sovereignty typical of the disembodied finesse encountered when immersed in virtual space. Here - for example with the loss of body consciousness specific to total-immersion within a virtual reality environment - one frequently senses a transport dissolution moving consciousness away from nature, even while developing a slightly ridiculous, Fellini-like, human self-consciousness.

In encounters with virtualizing digitization, representations of carnal pulp used in fleshing-out "ec-satyricOn 2000" (primarily female silicon-implanted breasts, Nechvatal's testicles, various labia, elbows, knees, and the posterior glutinous maximus of both sexes) are turned diaphanous through various reproductive digital processes and synthetic maneuvers .

Audio by Joseph Nechvatal, from his "Absurd" cassette release (1985)