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International #Occupy Day rallies: LIVE FEEDS

People across all five continents are taking to the streets and squares on October 15 to demand real democracy and claim their rights. Demonstrators in 82 countries across the globe are expected to join the rallies. They say their goal is to let the politicians and the financial elites they serve know that it is up to the people to decide their future.

#OWS #O15 #15OCT are the Hash-tags to watch for the day.

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from the Associated Press:

Protesters in Europe march against corporate greed

LONDON (AP) -- Protestors are marching in European cities to demonstrate against corporate greed and inequality.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protests that began in Canada and spread to cities across the U.S. were going global Saturday. In Europe, the movement is joining up with anti-austerity protests that have raged for months across the continent.

In Frankfurt, some 5,000 people took to the streets to protest in front of the European Central Bank.

Hundreds marched through the Bosnian city of Sarajevo carrying pictures of Che Guevara and old communist flags that read "Death to capitalism, freedom to the people."

Several thousands are expected to protest in Rome a day after Premier Silvio Berlusconi survived a confidence vote.

Hundreds of people also joined peaceful protests in Sydney, Tokyo, Manila, Hong Kong and Seoul.