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Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards and Auction*, 109 Norfolk, Thursday, February 23, 2012, 6:30 - 10 PM


Thursday, February 23rd, 2012, 6:30 - 10 PM

Site/109, 109 Norfolk (Ground Floor)
New York, NY 10002

Suggested dress: Cocktail attire

Tickets can be purchased through AFCs official Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Award and Auction* page. SPACE IS LIMITED, so buy today.

All proceeds from the AFCRPAAaA* ticket sales will go directly to keeping New York’s best art blog running. Tickets are $100, $50 for artists. If you’re buying a full-price ticket, and feeling extra-generous, you can also choose to sponsor an artist for just $50 more – which means we’ll be able to give somebody out there (your choice or ours) a free ticket to the event.

All proceeds benefit Art Fag City and are 100% tax deductible, due to AFC's sponsorship by the New York Foundation of the Arts.

You are cordially invited to attend the Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards and Auction*. The evenings festivities will include a live auction hosted by Simon de Pury, with artworks and experiences by AIDS 3D, Greg Allen, John Baldessari, Saul Chernick, Bruce High Quality Foundation, John Giorno, Debbie Harry, Richard Kern, Marilyn Minter, Stephen Petronio, Alec Soth, Hennessy Youngman, Johnny Reinhold, Scott Kilgour, and more. It will feature performances by Nate Hill and Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw.

The ceremony will honor the winners of the Faggies, an inaugural awards celebration of New York's most determined and dedicated.

Award categories:

Who used their genitals best this year?
Who spent the most time doing nothing?
Who is the art world's best Jerry?
Who is 2012's most ubiquitous person?
(and most importantly)
Who is 2012's Most Powerful Person in the Art World, by bench press?


Most Powerful Person in the Art World (by Bench Press)
Most Art Power rankings are useless, subjective circle jerks. This one means something.
The Nominees are:

Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Last year’s champion returns, but questions about his conditioning abound.

Jason Andrew
The runner-up last year, Andrew has hit the gym hard in the interim. Will it be enough?

Marina Abramovic
A strange woman of steel from beyond the iron curtain; can her pistons and oil defeat flesh and blood?

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Best Genitals
The Rob Pruitt Award for Best Genitals highlights artists who have exhibited extraordinary special parts over the past year. Entrants are judged on a mixture of attractiveness, material resonance, and deftness of presentation.

Elisa Lendvay
A strong showing from the rookie. This work, in the current group show at KANSAS, manages to fit in a ballsack, a vagina, and a dick-shaped silhouette, all at once. It’s also made out of wood. Wood. Heh.

Lynda Benglis
Smile (1974) has a quality that makes it very rare as a work of art. This quality is that it is a double dildo.

Lisa Yuskavage
The all-time champion of (literally) fantastically appealing women. Her solo show this year did wonders for her critical perception, but was light on vag. Can she finally be dethroned?

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Editor’s Note: Please do not send us pictures of your dick.


The Next Great Jerry
The Rob Pruitt Award for Best Jerry must go to the art critic or cultural commentator who best exemplifies the qualities of Saltzhood: talent, populism, baldness, and excessive friendliness.

Ben Davis
Very populist and very bald, Davis’s is one of the most clear and distinctive voices online today. His fault? Loneliness. A true Jerry is a lover, not a fighter, and Davis is still searching for his Roberta.

Martha Schwendener
As a writer for the Village Voice, Schwendener holds the most Jerry position of all. Supremely talented and questionably friendly; not, however, bald.

Hennessy Youngman
AKA the Pharaoh Hennessy, Henroq Allah, Henrack Obama, and The Pedagogic Prince. Still rough from the streets/UPenn, Youngman is a long shot. Can his passion and talent make up for his youth?

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Best Franco
The Rob Pruitt Award for Best Franco honors the art world personages who were everywhere, for no apparent reason. Entrants are judged on a combination of visibility, distinctiveness, and inexplicability.

Bill Powers
The Lord of the Art Bros seems like he’s everywhere, which just might be the case. Many points for distinctiveness; unfortunately, has clear motives for being at art events.

Einstein Guy
Some say he used to be an artist; some say they heard he collects. Whatever the story, Sim Tomer is a Chelsea opening fixture, an inveterate thing-attendee with no clear origin, purpose, or employment.

Andrew Andrew
Built a small empire out of being two guys who dress the same. As DJs and MCs, normally they’re where you are for professional reasons. We saw a picture of their closet once, and it was perfectly sorted into matched pairs of everything. True story.

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Best Procrastinator
Art creates a world where one can do anything; the Rob Pruitt Award for Best Procrastinator highlights those who choose to do nothing. “Nothing”, of course, loosely defined: Facebook is nothing, Twitter is nothing, putting on horse costumes with Emmanuel Perrotin is definitely nothing.

Adam Lindemann
A collector and sometime author, the self-promotional Lindemann has expended serious effort letting us know he plays all day. Nobody remembers what he’s supposed to be doing, anyway.

Todd Levin
A highly-regarded art adviser known for his “photographic” memory, beloved of both HowsMyDealing and Facebook. Special ability: willingness to respond to any comment, no matter how trivial.

Elisa Pritzker
Lindemann and Levin’s procrastination stands out because of their wealth; Pritzker’s, because of her doggedness. She’s a ubiquitous presence online, and she got there by talking. To everybody. About everything.

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An esteemed panel of judges - Anton Vidokle, William Powhida, and Jen Dalton - will determine the winners.

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served throughout the evening.

In-kind donations from Abrams Books, ArtCat/Idiom, Collectrium, Double Triple, Independent Curators International, The L Magazine, Nectar Ads, Roberta’s, Skyframes, Site/109, and Yerba Buena.

(*Still not affiliated with Rob Pruitt)