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Immersion into Noise at Central House of Artists in Moscow


Immersion into NoiseImmersion into Noise at Central House of Artists in Moscow.
Central House of Artists and Lomonosov Moscow State University
September 22 – 26, 2012
Central House of Artists (10 Krymsky Val)
Exhibition opening – September 22, 12:00
I installed my immersive piece Immersion into Noise for the exhibit and lectured on the art of noise on September 22, 13:00.
You can read my art book Immersion Into Noise here if you wish
Curator of the project: Semen Erokhin (Lomonosov Moscow State University) See (In Russian)
International exhibition SCIENCE ART 2: NON&DIGITAL, included in the program of Moscow Art Week, is the joint project of the Central House of Artists and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The project aims at creating a trans-disciplinary science art platform that could provide productive collaboration between artists and scientists, and bring the integration of art, science, and technology to a new level. The works presented in the exhibition prove the fact noted by American artist and art theorist Stephen Wilson: currently the humanity lives in an era when it is extremely hard to discern a scientific or technological research from an artistic project. The display is based of digital artworks created with the help of IT innovations. The aesthetics of the digital culture produced radical change in the structure of contemporary art and influenced the artistic thought itself. So, new trends emerged, such as information, cybernetic, virtual, algorithmic art, and so on. Peter Weibel, German artist, curator and art theorist took notice of this tendency: “Just like scientists wish to create a perfect digital model of the universe, so contemporary artists dream about a digital model of art, in which works could be created exclusively with the use of computer calculations.”
The ubiquitous presence of digital technologies, on the one hand, sped up intellectualization and algorithmization processes in art, and on the other, stimulated the advancement of intuitive judgment in science. As a result, science art was born – a new trans-disciplinary field of study where methods of natural and exact sciences penetrate into the creative process, while artistic approaches are used to develop new scientific theories.
SCIENCE ART 2 exhibition presents works by Scott Snibbe (USA), Joseph Nechvatal (USA – France), Pascal Dombis (France), Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer (Austria), Jürgen Scheible (Germany), Mogens Jacobsen (Denmark), Dmitry Morozov [::vtol::] (Russia), Igor Tatarnikov [Sodazot] (Russia), Sasha Gavrilova and Sergey Titov [Stain] (Russia), Ksenia Kasmina (Russia), and Alexander Lysov (Russia), among others.


This clip contains my appearance on Russian television (Russia 2):

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