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Art Fag City Wienerfest and Fundraiser @ Postmasters Gallery, Sunday, December 16, 3-7 PM

The Art Fag City Wienerfest and Fundraiser

Postmasters Gallery, 459 West 19th Street, New York, NY, 10011

Sunday, December 16th, 3-7 PM

Click here to purchase tickets.

This December 16th, pull out your paper hats and start dreaming of mustard because you’re coming to The Art Fag City Wienerfest and Fundraiser. Why? Because you haven’t heard enough dick jokes this year.

This is a party and was always a party. However, the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy means that many people in the art world are now struggling with far more serious problems. Chelsea was flooded. DUMBO was swamped. Many galleries, nonprofits, and residencies do not know when — or even if — they will be able to return to business. It wouldn’t be right to party without helping out.

Smack Mellon is located directly across from Brooklyn Bridge Park, in one of the lowest-lying areas of DUMBO. They’re estimating the damage from Hurricane Sandy at $400,000. No amount of wieners will fix that on its own, but Smack Mellon sorely needs whatever help we can give them. So prices have changed to include your ability to donate to bringing this amazing place back.

Your ticket to this event not only guarantees you all the beer and hot dogs you can eat, but front row seats to our raffle drawing and the grand unveiling of the Art Fag City Signature Wiener. That’s right, folks, December 16th, Art Fag City becomes the world’s first critical outlet to have its own signature wiener.

We’ve got wieners by Jay Batlle!
We’ve got wieners by Michael Mahalchick!
We’ve got wieners by cooks you don’t even know of yet!
Marching band music!
Plus, a raffle for a ceramic bong by Jesse Edwards and more!

The best part of all? Proceeds from the Wienerfest ticket and raffle sales will go directly to keeping New York’s best non-profit art blog running AND offering hurricane relief to the hard hit DUMBO arts non-profit Smack Mellon.

Tickets to the event are $90 for the masses ($45 for the ticket, $45 to Smack Mellon), $55 for Discounted Joint Donation ($45 for the ticket, $10 to Smack Mellon), $35 for artists, and $25 for groups of ten or more. You’ll pay $5 more if you buy at the door.

Click here to purchase tickets.

In-kind donations from: Pratt Digital Department, Postmasters Gallery, Sabrett, Zut Alors!, The Pickle Guys, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Lagunitas Brewery and more.

Benefit Committee Members: Karen Archey, Christopher Austopchuk, Brent Burkett, Saul Chernick, Nicholas Cueva, Lisa Davis, Deborah Fisher, Marina Galperina, Carla Gannis, Susanne Geiss, Nils Karsten, Meaghan Kent, Marsha Owett, John Pollard, Magda Sawon, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Andrea Serbonich, Sara Maria Salamone, Jonathan Schwartz, Brad Troemel, and Michelle Vaughan.

Tickets & donations are all 100% tax-deductible thanks to the New York Foundation of the Arts sponsorship program.

All questions and inquiries can be sent to Corinna Kirsch at