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THOUGHT THIEVE$ short film showcase


Call for Work: THOUGHT THIEVE$ short film showcase


THOUGHT THIEVE$ is a short film showcase about corporate appropriation of knowledge, culture, and creativity. It is a grassroots response to the Micro$oft propaganda competition of the same name [see].

Our version of THOUGHT THIEVE$ is about big companies stealing and profiting from the knowledge commons. Think about it: how would you feel if you saw your cultural traditions, collective creativity, thousands-year-old seed strains, indigenous medicinal knowledge, or even your very genetic code being passed off as the property of some multinational corporation? What would you do?

We want to know!

Send us your short film on corporate piracy by Friday, 16th September, 2005 for your chance to be included in an international distribution and screening series. To be confirmed: the makers of the most creative films, as decided by popular vote, may be invited to attend a special premier screening of their film in Tunis, Geneva, or London.

Also, we could all win a limitless supply of cutting-edge Free Software; tons of Public Domain, Fair Use, Creative Commons, and Copyleft content to use as source material; non-Genetically Modified food; affordable generic medicines ... and lots of other cool stuff TBA.

DEADLINE: Submissions are due by 16th September, 2005.


THOUGHT THIEVE$ affiliates as of August 8, 2005:

* Electronic Frontier Foundation: * Downhill Battle: * Creative Commons South Africa: * IP Justice: * LOCA records: * Media Innovation Unit - Firenze Tecnologia: * Alternative Law Forum: * IPleft: * Jinbonet: * Chamsaesang (The People's Media): * KIFV (The Association of Korean Indepedent Film & Video): * MEDIACT: * World-Information.Org: * Communication Rights in the Information Society:


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