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The Upgrade! First International Meeting NYC

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The First International Meeting
September 23-24 at Eyebeam New York
540 w 21st, New York, NY

Thanks to all the artists and curators who contributed to this event. Please join us next week to meet the  highly-motivated group of artists/curators who organize the gatherings in different locations around the  world (soon in Toronto, Istanbul and Sofia). The gatherings are often associated with art & technology  centers. By default this emerging network sustains open communication lines between these nodes.  We're meeting to develop a vision as a global network to highlight the creative work done in the field.

September 16-24, 2005
Documentation of works by 131 artists who participate at Upgrades! around the world. Representing:  Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Munich, New York, Oklahoma City, Scotland, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Vancouver.

Friday, September 23: 7:30-9:00 pm
Sala-Manca Group performs Elephants on Metula's Nights and discusses their practice at our monthly  gathering. The Sala-Manca Group is comprised of Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman, Argentine-Israeli  artists who have been creating work in performance, video, installation and new media since 2000.  Sala-manca's works deal with the poetics of translation, Yiddish culture, the tensions between low-tech  and high-tech aesthetics, as well as social and political issues.

Saturday, September 24: 12:00-7:00 pm
How does each Upgrade form its presence and community? What is the potential of the network?  Join artists, curators and organizers for two panels, lecture and party.

12:00 pm: Introduction and welcome.

12:10 pm: The New York Upgrade! story with media artist Yael Kanarek and director of education at Eyebeam Liz Slagus.

12:45 pm: Artist-Run Upgrades! with Tiffany Holmes, Chicago; Tamiko Thiel, Munich; Adam Brown,  Oklahoma  City; Mushon Zer-Aviv and Sala-Manca Group, Tel Aviv; Kate Armstrong, Vancouver.  Moderated by Yael Kanarek.

2:45-3:15 pm: Break

3:15 pm: Art + Tech Organizations Upgrades! with Jo-Anne Green and Catherine D'Ignazio, Boston;  Cezanne Charles and Robb Mitchell, Scotland;  Suhjung Hur, Seoul; Tobias C. Van Veen, Montreal.  Moderated by Liz Slagus.

5:15 pm: "NETWORKS, AGENCY, PROPERTY and POLICY: Practical thoughts on the emergence of  new global cultural formations" — closing talk by leading scholar of media arts Michael Century.

6:00 pm: After-party with music by artist/DJ Tobias  C. Van Veen.

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