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Unsleeper by Chris Byrne


A sneak preview of Chris Byrne's latest web montage work,


Due to be featured soon in Egobürger, a web art/fanzine from Torsten Lauschmann, Glasgow.

"There were others on the train, but they were all strangers, and mostly caught up in their own private reveries. I was trying to capture the atmosphere of the sleeper lounge car in the wee small hours, when most of the passengers are sleeping (or trying). The group having a conversation are the cabin attendants, taking a coffee break. A strange breed, the people who work on night trains.

The movie and the photos were shot on a cameraphone (Sony Ericsson K700i), hence the video frame rate and picture size: that's what the phone produces. I tried mp4 compression but the picture was better using H.263, the decider was the sound: the Qualcomm algorithm created fewer artefacts and a more 'natural' sound. "