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Farewell Luka Frelih

Farewell Luka
 THING.residency artist Luka Frelih strips down his FRIDA V. bicycle and heads back to Slovenia.
We'll miss Luka. His THING.residency at Death Star was a high point in what turned out to be a pretty dismal 2005 what with the transit strike, continuing lack of support and funding and all the rest of it. He engaged a notoriously bike-unfriendly New York fearlessly and cheerfully and it was a shame more people didn't get to know him or come to his presentation last Saturday. Well, that's their loss. We hope he'll come back soon and more New Yorkers will come out of their self-obsessed careerism and go for a ride.
Or maybe we should just move to Ljubljana?
For those of you in NYC who missed Luka we'll be having an official LMCC Swing Space "open house" on January 24th from 6-9pm where we'll show some of the work he did here along with work done by the other THING.residency artists. It will also be our swan song at Death Star as we have to move out the next week and as of now don't know where we'll go.
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