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Candy Factory at Printed Matter, NYC



Printed Matter Inc. is pleased to present a screening of internet projects from Japanese artist collective *candy factory this Saturday, January 14 from 5 to 7 PM. The screening will feature *candy factory's most recent release,  Tokyo Rose Advertising along with other work from the past few years. Join us to meet *candy factory's Takuji Kogo, who will be present to answer questions. Printed Matter is located at 195 Tenth Avenue at 22nd Street.

 "Tokyo Rose Advertising" is an artist's internet art project in the form of an "advertising service" that makes original music for websites. Using a synthesized singing voice, Tokyo Rose sets political campaigns, product launches, even personal ads to music. The strange, depersonalized sounds of "Tokyo Rose Advertising" are a perfect match for the surreal marketplace of the internet where everything - from Singaporean missiles to Swedish gentlemen - is for sale.

 *candy factory uses ambiguous juxtapositions of text, sound and image to draw attention to the dissonance inherent in consumerist representations of nations and cultures in cyberspace. Past projects have presented US military bases in Japan, imitation medieval towns in Sweden, and a summer resort island off the coast of Italy - the border between Europe and Africa that welcomes tourists as eagerly as it turns away refugees.

 Two books by *candy factory,  Boogie-Woogie Wonderland ISBN 9-02141-02-7, $20, and  Lost in Space / Trans_ 2002-2003, ISBN 9-02141-00-0, $10 are available though Printed Matter's website

For additional information, please contact Rachel Bers, Programming and Website Coordinator at (212) 925-0325 or at