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Net Aesthetics 2.0 MP3


Wolfgang Staehle, Empire 24/7
Wolfgang Staehle, Empire 24/7

Net Aesthetics 2.0

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 Monday, February 6, 2006
 6:30 pm

 Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
 535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
 New York, NY 10011
 (212) 337-0680 and EAI are pleased to present a panel that will consider current expressions of Internet art in light of larger technological and cultural shifts. For this panel, artists Cory Arcangel, Michael Bell-Smith, Marisa Olson, and Wolfgang Staehle will join curators Caitlin Jones and Michael Connor to discuss how the nature of online practice has changed over Internet art's first decade.

 Over the past ten years, Internet-based art has transformed, moving away from a medium defined by an intimate, international avant-garde towards a more loose and dispersed range of conceptual and formal practices. This development has, in large part, to do with the expanded and diversified terrain of the Web itself. What was previously a thin network of interlinked pages, construction signs, and awkward animated gifs is now a sprawling area, home to some of the best new business models, largest communities, and billions of users both amateur and expert---a second stage some call the "Web 2.0." Now, artists working on or drawing source material from the Internet face not only a faster, richer, more complicated landscape, but also one whose parameters for art practice are continually being pushed out by artists and non-artists alike.

 Panelists will touch upon current themes and trends including performance, contagion, sampling, blogging, video and animation, and the ongoing challenges of translating Internet-based art into gallery and museum spaces.

 Organized and moderated by Lauren Cornell for