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Nerve Theory's H5N1 Series

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Kunstradio, a radio art program of the ORF, Austria's national broadcaster, is featuring a weekly series of radio miniatures by Nerve Theory throughout 2006.

The series is called "H5N1: there is no privacy at the speed of light." Nerve Theory is the corporate identity of Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman.

Nerve Theory's latest work focuses on the bird flu virus, H5N1, and the hysteria surrounding the inevitable global influenza pandemic. Loibner and Sherman use the idea of the evolving, mutating H5N1 virus as a launching pad for a series of scary, strangely funny statements about the world we live in. Imagine a world where artists write and deliver the news. Loibner and Sherman are not scientists, but they are experts in observing and describing media viruses and a delivering broad spectrum of living, evolving ideas.

Listen for this sound logo: "H5N1: there is no privacy at the speed of light." This logo will mark updates on the journey of the H5N1 virus as it mutates into a mix of creatures that violate our privacy and threaten our lives. Nerve Theory's H5N1 radio miniatures will pop up from week to week in Kunstradio's regular programming throughout 2006.

Kunstradio is now infected. Check your own status. Tune into Kunstradio.

An archive of Nerve Theory's H5N1 radio miniatures is available at: