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The Spring Offensive


gh hovagimyan homepage 2006gh hovagimyan homepage 2006
I've just spent the last 4 days upgrading my homepage: G.H. Hovagimyan homepage updated April 1, 2006,

People have been asking me to put up my HD morphs online. I've resisted doing that because they are high definition video and should be seen in person. They are at Sara Tecchia's gallery in New York, 529 West 20th Street.
Just go into the back gallery. I have put up a small HD morph loop on my homepage that's in H264 codec.

I've also put up an mm page on the rant performances.

Palm Rants -

It seems that the ifc channel has a new rant show called Henry Rollins uncut from new york,

henry rollins - teeing off

It's interesting to compare the two ranters (me and henry) and the difference between msm and nm. Yes I am nm. Of course the first rant performance I did was back in the 1970's. I took it back up just recently in 2001 with my palm rants project.

I've also put up a new page with a rough cut of assembled cinema. It's really rough but it's a work in progress. I'm very excited about this piece. I hope I'll be able to present this in a public exhibition in the US someplace.


Finally, I went back and rescanned some of the original photos for BKPC (Barbie and Ken Politically Correct) . That was the first internet art work I did on the thing in 1993. This was when the thing was a bbs. I uploaded 1 photo a month and people who subscribed downloaded them onto their computers.
I've put up link to Hi-Res .psd pix for people to grab.

Barbie meets the Aryan Nation