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The Symptom - Issue 7 - Spring 2006


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The Symptom - Issue 7 - Spring 2006

1. Jacques-Alain Miller
The Symptom: Knowledge, Meaning and the Real

2. Slavoj Zizek
Hegel-Chesterton: German Idealism and Christianity

Love without Mercy - Video

Welcome to the Desert of the Real - Video

3. Alain Badiou
Art's Imperative: Speaking the Unspeakable

4. Thomas Svolos
Counter-transference is the Symptom of the Analyst

5. Rex Butler - Scott Stephens
Playing Fuckin' Loud: Zizek vs. the Left

6. Armand Zaloszyc
Inquiètude tu viens...

7. Chris Tysch
Mother, I

8. Gustavo Dessal
Conjeturas sobre el psicoanálisis en el siglo XXI

9. Dona Lopez
Frau K and Dora

10. Louis Armand
Mechanistics, Grammar & Locality of Thought

11. Patrick Cole Hogan
Translating the Transference

12. James E. Gorney

13. Cristina Alvares
Pastoute, lettre, science

14. Allan Pero
Time Enough for Countin'

15. Alain Séchas
Monument à Lacan

16. Art:
Martin Reyna - Charlie White - Manu Burghardt - Wolfgang Staehle