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vanity search


Vanity Search creates an instant web collage using search engines doing a vanity search on the name G.H. Hovagimyan. One might call this Neo-Fluxus information art. The interesting part is that the piece changes as more information is added to the web. This is a very fragile piece. It depends on all the search engines now in existence to continue to function. In the world of corporate communications cut-throat competition this is highly unlikely. this piece deals with information entropy. I liken this to Robert Smithson's famous musings, in his 1968 essay, "A Sedimentation of the Mind." How many search engines will be in existence in 10 years? Will the web become censored like in China or "privatized" and made the domain of commercial culture only? The fluidity of information has an ebb and flow like a tide washing away a shoreline.