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1st Bachelors' Prize for Net-Literature


Literaturhaus Stuttgart: Call for submissions
1st Bachelors' Prize for Net-Literature

What characterizes net-literature? The fact that it has to do with
computers linked to the net and that it can't simply be transferred
one-to-one onto paper, of course. And so "net" is the most significant,
primary element of the compound.

So far what has not been at the center of focus is the actual writing
apparatus, the computer itself, the universal machine, and if one is to
believe Dieter Daniels, a bachelors' machine. Marcel Duchamp, inventor
of the "Machine Celibataire" defined it in the succinct and cogent
phrase "short-circuit on desire".

The 1st Bachelors' Prize for Net-Literature is aimed at making the
sterile bachelors' machine fertile and is calling for entries in a
productive net-literature competition. In accordance with the nature of
the venture, participation is restricted to men.

Contributions must be submitted by September 30, 2005 via the competition website