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The4thScreen - Call for Work


The4thScreen: a global fest of art & innovation for mobile phones focuses on the emerging cultural, technological and social phenomenon of mobile phones.

"We are at the moment when everybody, from the media moguls to Vietnamese peasants - artists, hackers, activists, businesses and governments are trying to grasp the impact, the power, of this new phenomenon.... trying to claim a part of it. There is still a lot of space for great ideas, to fulfill dreams and real needs. I hope the Festival will serve as a catalyst and influence this process... "
Tamas Banovich, festival director

Connecting over 2 billion users, more than twice as many as the Internet, covering every country of the world, the mobile network is bridging the digital divide.

With the mobile phone, the power is in your hands. From concept to creation you can share your visions, impact your world and reach millions.

Artists, designers, technologists, and all creative thinkers are invited to submit their creations, inventions and revolutionary ideas in one of two categories:

1/ Moving images - including videos, animations, and games made specifically for mobile delivery.
2/ Wise technologies - including SMS based projects, sound, software art, software and hardware projects proposing new or extended use of mobile devices.

The4thScreen is a platform where you can influence the future of this new medium, exchange your ideas over the boundaries of your culture and participate in the global village.

What will you bring to The4thScreen ?