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There's so much happening that I decided to send out a small newsletter to keep you informed. This will be infrequent. At the most once a week. Of course if you don't want to receive this just let me know.

Here we go;-)

rantapod is being featured on the afflatus project site This is a site that presents projects for handheld and mobile devices. They come out of England. rantapod has also been accepted by iTunes. You can download m4v files direct to your video iPod here

PAM (Perpetual Art Machine) is now hosting a reblog feed of my blog here . You should check out the rest of this project (PAM) it's the new kid on the block for net art.

There's two new Art Dirt Redux's up One is a skypecast interview with Valery Grancher and the other is a gallery walk through of the Peter Vogel show at bitforms gallery (529 west 20th, 2nd floor). Peter Vogel is particularly interesting as an old timer sound artist. His work is very on the spot. See this show and then go across the hall to Sarah Tecchia Gallery and see the Ed Baynard exhibition. If you go into the video room you will see a video made in 1972 of Gordon Matta-Clark's fresh air cart. Peek into the back room and you'll see my HD Morphs running on the flat screen tv.

The independent film channel> has accepted several of my videos for their online video channel called medialab. The latest one accepted is a documentary of a rant performance Peter Sinclair & I did at the Split Festival for film and new media.

Finally wikipedia has a page up about me What is more interesting is the links and taxonomy surrounding new media art, digital art etc. on wikipedia. I would urge everyone to follow the links and get involved in writing, correcting and adding to the wikipedia pages. It's an egalitarian project that also sharpens your mind.