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As one of the first artists to start working on the internet I’m acutely aware of how the online environment-language-discourse-semiology is evolving. People are beginning to talk about Web 2.0 as the next wave of the net.

Meta tagging is a key issue as more information is created for or migrates to the web. Meta-CC just went on line at: . Perpetual Art Machine offers a slightly different take on tagging; My own piece RANTAPOD, has a rudimentory, evolving internal tagging system as well.

In the latest RANTAPOD, , I’ve used some interesting cut-up techniques. Rob Murphy from says that they are related to William Burroughs writing methods. I’ve also assembled a glottal language created by sampling outtakes and clips from my rants. To push rantapod-026 further, I separated the clips at the end of each pause or sentence and then shuffled them around in the time line.

Art Dirt Redux has been in the top ten of art podcasts for over a year now on idiotvox. Here’s a review by a listener; “Excellent memory-play… Bergson would have loved this… openings unfolding into polyrational dreamspaces…”
The anonymous review is referring to Henri Bergson and

Speaking of web 2.0 my first web art work BKPC still gets about 5 visitors a day. I’ve added hi-res scanned images of some of the photos. This was not possible for the original client pull animation nor the pre-web presentation on the thing bbs.

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