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POST upgrades...

I've upgraded post to Drupal version 4.7. Since we're on the precipice of a drupal 5.0 release. I've added free tagging to all content so we have looser way of categorizing things. I'm planning some architectural changes for the site later this week, and its almost time to ramp up and create the autumn06 theme.


I noticed it because of updates appearing in the rss


direction, direction, direction??

Play with the free tagging. I also added a tag soup block on the bottom right, popular tags will get bigger.



the site looks really hard-to-navigate. tags are really fashionable these days but they sometimes kill all browsing.

i have recently signed up and could not find a way to upload videos, neither could i find any info/help page to explain how to do that. maybe this isn't the right place to ask that but i would appreciate any help.

HowTo Video doesn't have any video storage at this time. If you want to add video you need to upload video to a different location and then provide an [embed src=] link. Be careful if you use a video server such as youTube that has cut & paste code. If it uses javascript or a flash movie it will mess up the front page layout of I would suggest you look at v2v network for encoding and storing video

Quicktime is also good as a movie format. A long as there's no javascript.