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Virtual Sit-In Against Nano Bio War Profiteers

Virtual Sit-In Against Nano/Bio War Profiteers!

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This Nano-Virtual-Sit-In is being performed on the 5th anniversary of
the war on Iraq. We have chosen biotech and nanotech corporations and
organizations as our targets, because their science is driven by the war
and drives the war.

The Electronic Disturbance Theater and the borderlands Hacklab call for
a virtual strike against these war profiteers on March 19th, 2008, in
solidarity with the Bay Area Direct Action to Stop the War and actions
in the street around the world.

To join the action, and to learn more, go to


Voices from Academia: Ricardo Dominguez

Thursday, Mar. 6, 2008

Professor Ricardo Dominguez is principal investigator at the California
Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology and an
assistant professor for UCSD’s visual arts department. He has had
extensive experience both participating in and investigating activism; he
created a program that allows an activist group to slow any Web site to a
halt by flooding it with requests, a form of protest known as a virtual
sit-in. Through this, Dominguez got the attention of the National Security
Agency. He is currently developing a performance project on nanotechnology
called B.A.N.G. lab (Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes).