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murphblog: Saturday, July 26, 2008

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My all-time favorite.
No One Takes Your Freedom by djearworm:

This guy gets high praise but I don't think he has near the complexity of earworm's work. He doesn't add much to the already highly mashed-up Hip Hop samples he uses. You might say it's yet another example of a white artist feeding off of black creativity yet, then again, those rappers don't buy all that bling selling to only a black audience.

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals - Music Video (3 of 14):

Kean Etro sends his guys through a car wash a few years ago. This year it was vegetables. I could take issue with his using a black anthem of freedom to address adding a colorful necktie to your wardrobe. And, of course, the clothes aren't exactly free.

Etro: Man Wash/Free at Last:

For Murph

I got in from work today, and realised my day.. scrap that... my whole week has been just bland. No excitement, no stimulation... nothing interesting(with the exception of my day off on Monday where I went to Manchester, UK)
Whilst staring blankly at my wardrobe thinking about doing something semi-productive I noticed a crazy looking shirt and hoodie - which I have left in the closest for about a year.
I thought, hey lets have a go at being ETRO.
I mean, I am a kid of the 21st century- I should be upto date with the fashions right?
I'm not quite sure if it's Etro... or just a plain blinding mess. Either way, it feels great wearing right clashy patterns and colours!!

(sorry for some very unflattering angles, and I'm also wearing some lime green shorts with a hint of pink print on them, but I couldn't really take a decent photo of them.)

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I got a letter from the government today, it said they were suckers.